Your Virtual Barre, Pilates & Strength Studio 
Your Virtual Barre, Pilates & Strength Studio 

Your Virtual Barre, Pilates & Strength Studio 

Step into your True Self with Body By Barre! Tone, Sculpt & follow a sustainable fitness routine. Join the supportive community. Explore healthy recipes and sign up to live events! All available in one app! 

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Workout from anywhere, anytime
Workout from anywhere, anytime

On Demand Workout's & Programs to suit every individual. From beginner to advanced. 10-45 mins long. 

Diversify Your Workouts
Diversify Your Workouts

Barre, Pilates, Strength, Mobility & Cardio Classes. With over 200+ ad free workouts to choose from. 

Workout Live & Join Our Community
Workout Live & Join Our Community

Monthly Schedule with live classes & events. Workout with world class trainer Natalie Rose. Connect with the community & facebook group. 

Step Into Your True Self with Body By Barre

I created this program & the 3-2-8 method to help busy fitness enthusiasts get the most out of their workouts in less time. Come and join me for a fitness experience like no other and find a sustainable workout routine that has been proven to reduce burn out, improve PCOS symptoms and improve cardiovascular fitness all in one. Explore the pilates fundamentals while maximising every single rep with barre & strength movements. Transforming your body & mind in every way!

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Read About The Benefits Of The 3-2-8 Method Tested By Experts 

Women's Health
The Everygirl
Marie Claire
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EveryDay Health

“It is a great framework to help individuals plan and schedule their weekly workouts. It emphasizes diversity of activity, and includes strength training and active recovery days, which are very important, especially as we age,”

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Flexible Pricing To Suit Every Individual 

When was the last time you invested in yourself & health? 

Real Women & Real Results 

Over 1000+ Transformations

''I’ve lost 5lbs. since we started the challenge. Huge improvement for me since it was extremely difficult for me to lose any weight at all with my PCOS''

‘I’m absolutely LOVING it. It’s been so motivating having this group and a plan to follow. Really enjoying the workouts and feeling so much stronger and noticing the change in flexibility ‘

‘I’m really enjoying your programme! It’s the only programme I’ve engaged in that I’m finally feeling stronger - never been able to do a single press up… now I’m on 3 in a row!’

‘Started the challenge a week late, but I am REALLY enjoying it so far. I am not easily made sore or challenged quite like this. I am feeling motivated by the ease of it all! I really love the format!'

I loved this challenge! I felt so much strength! It’s my second time going through week 1 and I can tell a difference in ways my body can move and stabilize than the first time round and it feels GOOD✨